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Building on the concept that there’s prosperity in what you know how to do, in 2008 I decided to embark on my dream. Passionate about my creative spark and entrepreneurial spirit I began making sales amongst family, friends, and co-workers.

Utilizing KahYoot as my brush I began to paint a vivid portrait.

As the sole owner, creative mind and brilliance behind my brand I stopped simply believing and began practicing what I believed. Fearless now, I am confident in my inspirations which stem from life, fashion, family, and experience. Let’s not forget good taste, individuality and patience.

After receiving my Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting and Black Studies in 2009 I had no clue this venture would bring with it the level of excitement and reassurance that it has. Understanding that hard work, determination, persistence and perseverance had been my gourmet recipe for success. I realize just how dedicated and indebted I am to the pursuit of having a better quality of life. Vivacious and insightful my goal is to transform my beloved experience into an effective business. I intend to remain committed to my craft until I become a full fledged, worldwide brand.

Anything else wouldn’t be KahYoot!

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